Action Area Art: Climate Mitigation and Resiliency

Climate change in Greater Boston will have profound effects: more -- and more extreme -- heat waves, storms, flooding, and sea-level rise. There’s a lot we must do to prepare! See how artist Ben Batchelder envisions the risks in his series of three new original illustrations.

These illustrations were created as part of MetroCommon 2050. They are free for use by planners, policy-makers, and others to use as a tool to educate stakeholders.

Climate Action Area Urban Flooding No Text

Climate Action Area Heat Instability no text

Climate Action Area Coastal Erosion No Text

MAPC held a grant competition to support artists to develop pieces that expressed the MetroCommon subject matter in any genre. Grants were awarded to support four different artists in developing, collectively, two comic books, a graphic story, a set of illustrations, and a film.

The topics for the art pieces are MetroCommon’s five “action areas.” The action areas are the five, interrelated topics by which the plan is organized: Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation, Dynamic and Representative Government, Equity of Wealth and Health, Homes for Everyone, and Inclusive Growth & Mobility.


MetroCommon 2050 Action Area Artwork