Alex Koppelman
Draft Action Area Brief: Homes for Everyone

In the midst of a pandemic, long term planning might seem somewhat beside the point. Indeed, MAPC is working assiduously to address the immediate needs of the region and pausing on other matters where necessary. But we are thinking ahead, as well. When life becomes normal again – and it will, although much may change – it will still be advantageous to the region to plan for the future. In fact, it may well be more important than ever to address long-held, vital goals .

We're using this time, therefore, for what we consider a critical background task: delving deeply into the issues that have bearing on our goals and exploring how those issues are interrelated. To frame our thinking, we’ve grouped these connected issues into the following “action areas":

  • Homes for Everyone
  • Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation
  • Inclusive Growth & Mobility
  • Dynamic and Representative Government
  • Equity of Wealth and Health
Below, please find drafts of our current analyses of the issues involved in each action area. As circumstances inevitably evolve, our understanding will, as well, and these documents will be revised. Please let us know what you think at

Homes for Everyone Draft Action Brief PDF

Homes for Everyone Draft Action Brief Feedback PDF